Undergraduate Teaching 2022-23



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Please see here for an overview of how surveys and feedback within the department work.

There are various ways you can raise issues with the department in addition to completing module and course surveys. In general if you have a query about a specific course its you can simply approach the lecturer or lab leader in the first instance via email. Concerns about college teaching (i.e. supervisions) need to be raised with your college. Every course has as an anonymous question forum on it's moodle page. This is the best way to ask content related questions concerning a course.

Students are also always welcome to raise concerns directly with the Director of Undergraduate Education.

The Fast feedback facility (FFF) can be used to send rapid messages to warn teaching staff of problems as they arise (or to complement them on a job well done).  It’s particularly effective for flagging issues which can be fixed straight away. Messages sent to the FFF are anonymised (email addresses are hidden) before being forwarded to the lecturer.  If you use FFF the Director of Undergraduate Education will know your identity but will not disclose it further.

If you prefer you can raise issues with the elected Engineering Academic Reps via their webform which is fully anonymous. You can also contact the Academic Reps or your elected Year Reps directly

You can read the minutes of the Staff Student Joint Commitee to see department response to issues raised on the SSJC moodle. The Academic Reps maintain an issues FAQ on the moodle as well.

If you have any problems with the FFF please contact the Director of Undergraduate Education.

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